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Double Edged Katana Sword

The double-edged katana has a sharpened blade on both sides, as opposed to just one. Despite their rarity, several specimens have been found throughout history that are thought to be single-edged katanas. Unlike their single-edged counterparts, double-edged katanas were made differently. In terms of differential heat treatment, for instance, it was not applied to single-edged katanas (we'll talk about that later). The sword smith usually passes a katana blade down to someone else who sharpens both sides after it has been forged. One of the best known features of the Katana sword is its sharpness and extraordinary toughness. As a single-edged and curved blade, the Katana is used by Samurai warriors. When paired with a Tanto or Wakizashi, the Samurai carried the Katana sword. If you were a member of the Japanese warrior class in feudal Japan, these would be your main weapons.

What kind of sword is a katana?

In addition, traditional Japanese blades undergo differential hardening, which involves clay coating and tempering of the blade. This process allows the edge to become extremely hard and maintain its sharp edge, and allows the spine to remain softer, allowing the sword to have more flexibility and be more durable, allowing the sword to not break when bent. samurai katana sword have the perfect amount of curve that allows the force of the blow to be concentrated on a small area of the blade. Several steel types are available for our handmade Katana swords, all of which have full tangs. All of the carbon steel Katana on our site are well made, functional, and test cutting capable, so you can choose the one from our site that you prefer.

Where to buy real katana swords?

In addition, if you are looking to buy it for your groomsmen as gifts, you are choosing a unique, awesome and meaningful gift. The yoyoknives offers a wide range of samurai swords that are both functional and battle-ready. For the Samurai warrior, these swords are more than just awesome backyard cutters - they are inseparable from their soul. With the wide range of clay tempered blades that we offer, you'll be able to find blades for frequent Dojo use, dedicated to Tameshigiri and Test Cutting. The swords are well balanced, flexible, and feel good in your hands as each Katana is handmade and hand-sharpened.

Shape and Design

Both the design and shape of dragon sword must be historically accurate. A sword that complies with historical tradition is authentic. There are many different shapes and designs of swords in comparison to feudal-era swords. Samurai swords evolved with time into their current shape and balance. Swords were essential to the survival of warriors, and smiths crafted blades that could be relied upon in a variety of situations. Sword sticks from Knife Depot honor this tradition and reflect these characteristics. The evolved shape of the sword determined its strength, cutting efficiency, and balance. Your sword should reflect all these characteristics.


  • Is the katana sword is the best Quality?
The swords are made from high carbon steel, making them an object of art and a piece of deadly beauty.
  • Why are katanas so expensive?
The tradition of making Japanese swords dates back centuries and is still practiced today. Swords are made with dedication, skill, and can take more than 18 months to make. When they are done, they are worth thousands of dollars. When they are done, they are worth thousands of dollars.
  • Can katana swords be folded?
Swords are folded during the traditional Japanese sword making process for samurai swords. The swordsmithing tradition is ancient, but it is crucial to the creation of durable, high-quality blades.

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