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    With a state of the art knives manufacturing facility and 5+ years of selling all sorts of knives for different kind of purposes, YoYoKnives knows how to satisfy your insatiable desire for real Damascus steel knives, hunting knives and kitchen knives. The knives for sale at this shop, are made keeping in mind your aesthetic standards and your expectations from your knife.

    We are aware of the B and C category Damascus steel knives that many other outlets sell on the internet. Unfortunately, the quality of those knives is not as appealing as their looks are. Our skilled craftsmen learned the art of crafting Damascus knives from the blacksmiths who inherited this art from their forefathers. At YoyoKnives you can buy a Damascus steel knife with 100% assurance of blade’s quality and durability.

    YoYoKnives is a joint venture of two entrepreneurial friends and a few blacksmiths of distinction who believe that there is a knife for every one – it’s just people take time to identify their blade-mate. This is why our inventory is not limited to Damascus knives. We have a wide array of knives ranging from pocket knives to hunting knives to kitchen knives. We make all of them with love, attention and keeping in mind the industry standards as well as most recent design trends.

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