Difference Between Fixed Blade Knife And A Folding Knife

fixed Blade Vs Folding Knife

Ranging from a 3 blade pocket knife to Damascus steel pocket knife and folding knife to fixed blade knives, there are so many varieties of knives, which makes it challenging to select one knife set for the kitchen. Honestly, choosing an everyday carry knife comes down to personal preferences, but it’s essential to choose the primary category – folding knife or the fixed blade knife.

This is because both of them have their own pros and cons, and are used for different purposes. Every knife owner has a personal preference regarding what works for them for a specific task. So, let’s check out some differences between both of them and choose one blade that meets and exceeds your needs.

Folding Knife

When it comes down to the everyday carry knife, a folding knife is the most popular choice because they are discrete and promise convenient use and carrying. In fact, this is the prime reason these knives are known as pocket knives. In addition, these knives are more convenient to find in the market since everyone demands ease and convenience.

These knives are suitable for the routine tasks that require a knife, such as cutting the rope, cutting open the boxes, and trimming the wires. However, these knives tend to be challenging to clean and are easily broken. This is because there are more moving parts in the folding knife, which increases the chance of breakage. Still, if you purchase a high-quality folding knife, it should provide a long-life experience.

The best thing about using folding knives is that they are compact and will not take up much space since the blade is properly stored in the knife. As far as the cleaning is concerned, it tends to accumulate debris, dirt, and dust in the blade, which prevents the cutting and will also cause blade damage. Keep in mind that if not cleaned on time, the debris can damage the overall mechanism, resulting in malfunction.

The folding knives are also vulnerable to moving around, which means you are at risk of cutting yourself if you put them in the pocket without a proper case. The folding knives can be used for self-defense purposes and in emergency situations since they can be used to cut out the seatbelts. In the majority of cases, these knives are lightweight, making them easier to carry around. In addition, they come with a pocket clip to make sure they are always stowed.

As far as the availability is concerned, it’s easy to find and is available at affordable rates. What we love about these knives is that they do not need extra protection equipment, such as a sheath.


  • Easy to conceal
  • Suitable for smaller tasks
  • Convenient to use
  • No need for a cover
  • Easy to carry


  • Not durable enough
  • Challenging to clean

Fixed Blade Knife

A fixed blade knife is one of the best choices for people who want something for rough outdoor chores, such as digging, food preparation, skinning the bucks, and splitting. In addition, the fixed blade knives are stronger since they are constructed from one full piece of steel, irrespective of the size. On top of everything, since there are no multiple parts, cleaning this knife will be an absolute breeze.

Given the one-piece construction, there are hardly any chances of breakage, and it will open up quickly as compared to other knives, making it a more reliable choice in self-defense situations. Keep in mind that there is a wide variety of fixed blade knives in the market, such as small chevron blades that can be added to the keychain or can fit into the purse.

However, you will have a hard time concealing this knife, and carrying it around will be a bit challenging. Since there are multiple forms of these knives available in the market, it’s best to choose the full tang version to make sure the blade is utilizable from top to bottom, making it a much stronger choice. As a result, it’ll be easier to cut the hard and rigid materials with utmost convenience.

Keep in mind that fixed blade knives miss a hinge, which means they won’t collapse on the fingers, even if you are using them for heavy use. So, as long as you have the sheath to cover the knife, it will be a convenient choice (you could also put it in your bag or backpack). The majority of these knives have a larger blade, which makes them strong and suitable for tougher jobs, but it also results in challenging use. This is because, unlike a folding knife, it cannot fit into the pocket.

On top of everything, a fixed blade knife is integrated with a single piece without any moving pieces which actually prevents the chances of corrosion and structural damage – it also helps achieve faster deployment time.


  • Stronger
  • Easier to use
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Suited for outdoor use
  • Easy to clean


  • Hard to carry without a sheath

Choosing The Best Knife

Choosing between a fixed blade knife and a folding knife for an everyday carry knife depends on the legality of the state and country you are living in. In addition to this, you need to consider the utilization and performance level and to top it all, which knife you are comfortable with. It goes without saying that fixed blade knives are more durable, but folding knives are easier to conceal and carry around.

In fact, folding knives are more popular, which means more people are familiar with them, promising less intimidation. However, you cannot forget about the performance factor and application. For instance, if you are a traveler and spend most of your time backpacking, hunting, and hiking, the fixed blade knife will be the ultimate option since it’s stronger, more durable, and sharper.

On the contrary, if you want something to sharpen the pencil, open the boxes, and cut the cables, a folding knife will suffice well. So, which of these knives will you choose?

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