Damascus Tracker Folders

Damascus Tracker Folder Knife – Survival was never this stylish

From stone age to this age all we have been doing is survive – a Damascus tracker folding knife allows you to survive with style …

Ever imagined of facing a criminal in a dark alley? Well he’s armed with a sharp dagger and he’s getting closer with every millisecond and it is the right time to draw your knife and let him know that it’s a duel – not a robbery. And while you draw it, the criminal finds it hard to decide whether to be intimidated or impressed?

A tracker knife is an all-purpose survival knife – the kind that you can take anywhere – a hike, a road trip, job – simply anywhere you feel the need to protect yourself from someone. What YoYo Knives has achieved is add a little tradition, style and durability to these knives. We make them with the finest Damascus steel – smithed in our state of the art facility.

When we laid down the foundations of this business that is more like a hobby to us – we wanted to make knives filled with a little history, tradition and style. A survival knife’s performance depends a lot on its blade. We knew that collectors and owners of tracker knives would appreciate Damascus steel because of its unparalleled strength and sharpness.

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