Damascus Folding Knives

Damascus Folding Knife – A Lethal Beauty in Your Pocket

What a pocket life can do is limited by your own imagination – so is the scope of its beauty …

We can understand people by the purpose for which they keep a pocket knife. People keep pocket knives to feel safe from an armed assailant. People keep them in their EDC kits. People take knives to a hiking trail –  and least of all they use them to cut open packaging or mail. But deep down their hearts they have a thing for knives – Damascus folding knife gives them another reason to love knives.

The Damascus folding knives that we make at our state of the art knife factory are made to stun the beholders’ eyes and impress them. Depending on your choice, you can get a knife with differently patterned Damascus steel butt – or you can opt from the wide array of materials that we use to make them e.g. finest wood, stone or cow horn.

YoYoKnives is owned and run by guys who fell in love with Blacksmith-ry and the craft of Damascus steel when they were little boys. It started with the first ever pocket knives that they owned – and if it weren’t for those pocket knives they wouldn’t be here serving the world with finest pocket knives made out of real Damascus steel. They still keep pocket knives with them and it is needless to say which ones.

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