Damascus Bowie Knives

Regular Damascus Knives – Celebrate whatever you can do with a knife

You get a knife for a few of the many things a knife can do – but when you love what you do, you get a Damascus knife to celebrate it!!!

You do not buy a Bugatti for your daily commute, you do not get a designer’s suit for “just another day at work” and you do not acquire a hillside mansion just because you need a roof over your head. A Bugatti is still a car, a designer suit is still a suit and a hillside mansion is still a house – same is the case with a regular Damascus knife – it is a knife, but above and beyond a knife.

People buy Damascus knives for various reasons – we know collectors who love to buy Damascus knives from YoYo Knives. Some do this because of unique patterns on the blade, some of them cherish the tradition and history of them – while others get them because of the strength of Damascus steel – but the only place where you can buy a real Damascus knives is YoYo Knives

At YoYo Knives we take pride in manufacturing high-quality Damascus knives that our customers love to vouch for. We hired Blacksmiths who learned this art from their fathers who learned it from their fathers – and we know that we’re not giving a Damascus knife’s cosmetic effects to just another piece of steel. We know the importance of staying true to tradition and tradition is what every Damascus knife made at YoYo Knives exudes.

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