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The balisong knife is a knife that was originally used for self-defense, but has since become more popular as people discovered how fun and easy it can be to flip them around. This article will explore the origins of this fighting blade along with some tips on where you should start if want one! The butterfly knife have been around since 11th century Philippines when they first appeared in battle against Spanish invaders after years spent evolving through various forms all throughout Asia Pacific region, Filipino blades finally made their way over here. Butterfly knives offer a unique and convenient way to carry your blade on the move. They're perfect for when you need it most, as these folding pocket knives close up extremely quickly so that they can be concealed within one handle or worn around both sides of an arm like in "The Karambit" movie series! Yoyoknives offers high-quality models at great prices - we have something here just right no matter if looking glamorous at work catching thieves gone wild (but not too much) With its dual butter fly knife closures this. Shop drama plus style while protecting whatever task needs attention.

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Why do they call it a butterfly knife?

The Philippines is known as the birthplace of butterfly knifes, where “balisong” has been a more appropriate term. Legend says this style was created around 800 AD and could be opened quickly with one hand; it also made an excellent weapon if needed!

Are butterfly knives good for self-defense?

The balisong knives are a versatile fighting that has been used for centuries by Southeast Asia's immediate neighboring countries, such as Vietnam and China. If you're willing to do your homework when it comes down training with this weapon type then there are many ways in which one could successfully use their skillset at home or abroad - just remember not everybody will welcome an additional blade!

How to Open a Butterfly Knife

Opening cool butterfly knives can be tricky, but with these simple steps you'll have it opened and ready for use in no time. The blade is sharp enough to cut anything from rope or cloth – if handled properly!
  • Hold the knife on its dull side, which is the safe side.
  • Remove the knife from your hand and flick your wrist in a backward motion.
  • This motion should resemble the cast of a fishing line. As a result, your thumb and forefinger will be struck by the sharp side of the blade as the handle opens.
  • Close the knife by flicking your wrist downward.
  • Move your thumb slightly to one side while moving your wrist upward. From the blade's dangerous side, the handle will now touch the blade's safe side and the knife will fully extend.

What can you actually use a butterfly knife for?

Butterfly knives may be for all your cutting needs! A good quality real butterfly knife will never fail you in the field. You can use it as an everyday utensil or take out one when things get tough to make sure that everything is under control quickly and efficiently, no matter what task comes up next - whether its slicing tomatoes at home with friends over dinner after work hours; hacking through branches during camping trips while trying not roast yourself on fire just yet again this week because god forbid anyone should actually enjoy their time outside sometimes. But seriously though guys if I don't start bringing these babies along every time we go anywhere nice

What does “flipping” the butterfly knife mean?

The knife can be controlled with just one hand, allowing for quick cuts and twists. The basic concept of maneuverings the blade is to let flipping motion from handle spin along with your wrist's twist so you're holding onto both ends!